Sewing Instructions for DIY Kits

Each DIY Kit includes the following:

  • wholecloth quilt top
  • cotton batting
  • backing fabric
  • sewing thread in coordinating colours

Recommended tools:

  • quilting ruler
  • chalk pen
  • fabric scissors
  • hand-quilting needle or sewing machine
  • safety pins
  • quilting pins or binding clips



    1.  Press all of the fabrics so they lie flat. Note: Iron on the back of the wholecloth quilt top.

    2.  Trim the white border from the quilt top.

    3.  Layer the fabrics smoothly on a flat surface in the following order: backing fabric, batting and quilt top. While they don't need to be perfectly centred on top of one another, you do want to make sure there is at least 1" of extra batting and backing fabric around all edges of the quilt top.  


    4.  Secure your fabric "sandwich" by pinning through all of the layers. Place a pin every few inches so the fabrics don't shift during sewing.


    5.  For designs that extend to the edge of the quilt top: Make a mark 3/4" from the edge. This is where you will stop sewing the design. (See the red lines in the diagram below)

    6.  Either by hand or machine: sew along the lines of your design. Remember to stop sewing at the 3/4" marks from Step 4.  (See the blue dashed lines in the diagram below) 

    7.  Trim only the quilt top and batting to 36"x36". Note: Do not cut the backing fabric too!

    8.  Cut the backing fabric 1" larger than the quilt top and batting on all sides.

    9.  Fold the backing fabric border in half and press.  When you reach a corner: fold the corner in before folding the border in half.  

    10.  Fold the border over the top of the quilt and sew in place. (See pink dashed line in the diagram below)

    11.  Remove all pins. Place a tea towel over the quilt and press.